Baby Leg Warmers

Handmade Baby Leg Warmers. 

Keep legs warm in slings, when potty training or gorgeous with shorts and cloth bums

About Us

I’m Mo, Mum of two, and on a quest to warm the legs of little ones. My obsession with baby leg warmers came about after the birth of my first baby. Walking out in the Peaks, and carrying my boy in a sling, I noticed that his trousers tended to ride up exposing bare ankles, leading to avoidable and rather unpleasant meltdowns. In the pre-shoe stage we would often head to the park in the pram with Moo wearing just a flimsy ankle sock. As we embraced potty training, he spent a lot of time parading around trouser-less, not ideal in the depths of a northern winter. I couldn’t seem to find anything that was suitable to keep his legs and ankles warm. 

Addressing these challenges led me to a mild and slightly unhealthy fascination with the baby leg warmer. In December 2018, armed with a new sewing machine and a brand new (and very angry) baby, I set about teaching myself to sew in order to create my beloved leg warmers. 

Our Leg warmers are made from Jersey Cotton so a thinner, stretchy material. Some are French Terry which is more snuggly.  We can add a Jersey lining to most prints and now also have fleecy leg warmers in stock. Our cuff material is 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

The environment is important to us and we work with small amounts of fabric to reduce waste. We buy left over material from other makers and also make reusable wipes from our scraps. Our packaging is made from recycled card and we post out in brown paper. We shamelessly reuse and larger orders may be sent out in pre-loved boxes. 

We have loads and loads of prints and I am always happy to mix and match cuff colours - please just ask. 

We make three sizes of leg warmers - Small for babies up to 2, a longer large for toddlers and a new XLarge for up to 5 year olds.  They should reach over the knee and can be scrunched down round the ankle.

I’m not a trained seamstress and have taught myself to sew. Sometimes this goes wrong and a wonky stitch is often triggered by a crying baby. Please be kind if you have any issues and message me directly. I will deal quickly with any queries.

Do share photos of your little ones using our leg warmers. Long live the leg warmer! 

Mo x

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